Wednesday, April 7, 2010

She made my day.

I’m talking about yesterday’s check-in counter attendant at NAIA 2.

I was still approaching the counter, but already, she seemed delighted, too delighted, by my presence. In a very professional albeit light voice (one I’d associate with female military officials), she asked: So where are we going?

Come on. Straight English… at the domestic terminal? You remind me of my sister, I thought. I almost laughed, but her expression was dead-serious-and-happy-to-serve-you. So I answered in a somewhat uncertain tone: Uh, Iloilo po.

“Okay, Iloilo. Let’s go,” was her enthusiastic reply. Honestly, no other check-in counter attendant has ever made me feel so welcome to fly their airline. She started working on my papers. And just like every single time I fly, I had to make the request.

“Can I have a right-window seat, please?”

“Right window?” she repeated, enunciating the words as if to make sure she hadn’t misheard me. “Right window,” I assured her.

And she was more than delighted to get the seat for me. At least, that’s how I felt, based on the… aura she exuded.

“Okay, right-window… so we’re going for A, then,” she said, just to check that we’re on the same universe.

“No, it’s F,” I corrected.

“F? But right-window… that’s A, right?”

“It’s F,” I assured her.

“That’s… going inside the airplane… right-window?”

“No, in the airplane, facing front…”

“Facing front… oh, okay, so F then,” she corrected… with a smile.

I tell you, that smile was worth a billion frequent flier miles. “Yes, F,” I replied, smiling also. “Okay, so here’s your ticket…” She went on to explain the boarding time and all that, and as quickly as the conversation started, I was done.

But I have to say, it was by far one of the best moments I have ever had at an airport. A conversation in straight English with an attendant who was simply more than happy to have me at her counter. At least, this was how she made me feel.

If only all airport and airline employees can make people feel this way.

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