Friday, September 11, 2009

Wrapping Up

It’s September 11 already. Not that we’re actually celebrating 9/11 here (though it won’t hurt to do so somewhere else). August was somehow a busy month, and there were times when I admittedly wasn't in the mood for blogging.

So, between August 11 (the last post before “the essay” below) and today…

… met Michelle and family and some notable Huasiong people at a dinner celebration by the ICCHSAA Manila chapter, honoring the Huasiong people and Huasiong-related people who won in math contests in China…had to endure yet another of the bitter Manuel’s oratories about why Michelle and I should have but didn't/ weren’t able to go abroad as MTG babies…

… watched Hey, Mr. Producer! and The Making of Miss Saigon on DVD (apparently, someone finally received his prizes for winning the Cinderella review contest a year ago), and entered the magical world of Next to Normal and Shrek the Musical.

… got tickets for Spring Awakening on October 10, Saturday evening (and checked for Sweeney Todd’s on November).

… went on an NLEX road trip, all the while marveling at the beauty of Mt. Arayat, to Guagua, Pampanga, visited the parents of a family friend, then on a side trip to Clark and circled the place… curse the rain for hiding Mt. Pinatubo, which finally showed a bit of itself on our way home.

… got a 1.0 in History 5 with the great Arnold Esguerra: “Si Jinggoy? Hindi ko yan kinakausap. Bobo yan e!”

… ended NatSci Part One: Biology with 88.075… and celebrated the turnover to the Geology part with a straight-from-a-fairytale professor, the great Doc Marquez, who’s pretty much been true to the ‘wonderful’ bit… need 91.925 for an uno.

… went movie hopping, most notably Up and that piece of crap called Tarot.

… survived one of the greatest horror stories known as the 3rd Math 17 DepEx – a work of evil meant to convince about-to-fail-Math-17 UPM students that they’d better drop the subject…

… went condo-unit hopping at Ellie-Buddy’s (airbed = erotic sleep) and Joshua’s place.

… my mother came to Manila… went to Eastwood and watched Up for the second fabulous time, went to Greenhills and almost touched-and-pictured the grand landscape exhibit of the Holy Rosary Museum, if not for the she-guard who saw me… became one of the last customers of the old Alba (they're renovating)… spa-ed somewhere in San Juan (lousy spa).

… had fever on the day of Mother's arrival… five days later (Wednesday night), got admitted to Metropolitan Hospital with platelet count of 120… first hospitalization and second bout of dengue in 17 years (and hopefully the last for a lifetime)…discharged Sept 6 after lunch.

… finally won my first Palanca award. Rigodon ballroom, The Manila Peninsula, Sept 1.

This post was made for posting’s sake. Readers are hard to satisfy.

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