Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walt Disney films in the UP curriculum II

Second Departmental Examination

Use a bluebook to answer the exam. Do not copy the question; only the corresponding number of the question, and the answers should be written. Failure to follow instructions will mean ZERO.

I. Present the plot of Enchanted in exactly fifteen boxes. (15 pts)

II. Give allusions, references, or homage made by Enchanted to the following:

a. Walt Disney films in general (10 pts)
b. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (10 pts)
c. Cinderella (8 pts)
d. Sleeping Beauty (6 pts)

III. Compare the characters of Prince Edward and Robert Philip. (6 pts)

IV. Compare the characters of Giselle and Nancy Tremaine. (6 pts)

V. Discuss a traditional Disney ideology presented in Enchanted. (4 pts)

Perfect Score: 65 points
Passing Score:
37 points

Bonus Questions:

1. Write the entire lyrics of Happy Working Song. (8 pts)

2. In the Enchanted soundtrack, who performs the song So Close? (1 pt)

3. In the 80th Academy Awards, who sang Giselle’s part during the performance of That’s How You Know? (1 pt)

You are not a very nice old man!
- Giselle, “Enchanted”

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