Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday was fun.

Went with Thea, Niko, and OJ/ Orven/ Orjy/ Orjy/ Orven Jules/ Jules to UP Diliman.

First time to ride the LRT and MRT! Not that I don't take public transport (duh), but one's first time to use the trains of Manila is always cause for celebration. Got off at Q-Ave station, rode an Ikot to Palma Hall.

Sat in with Orjy in his high school (Pisay) friends' Chem 16 Lab class.

Ate at the Beach House, which was “so primitive.” After lunch, met with, among others, a classmate nicknamed Delmoan, who made all sorts of zoo animal moans (actually, only those which he thought were common and inexpensive, like the sea lion, which should be sound like “a bitch,” the snake and Voldemort, and the walrus). The walrus moan is the best moan man will ever hear.

After that, went to the Library, where I taught Celina and Cherry the Lion King family tree. Then, to the Marine Research Institute, where OJ became nostalgic. Then, met up with the Pisay people’s senior year adviser (soooo white). It was an incomprehensible moment.

Sat in in friends’ Math 17 class with the gay teacher who reads everything that he writes on the board (conscious, perhaps, that Imed people were there?). Back to Manila.

Historical Points of the Day for Me:
1. first time to ride the LRT and MRT
2. first time to use an overpass in Manila
3. first time to ride jeepney in Quezon City
4. first time to go to Diliman
5. first time to walk inside Trinoma

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