Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Head Is Sort of Messy

So... I'm sick. I just produced my first yellow-green phlegm. Ugh. As it slowly slithered down the sink, I touched it. Felt like... oyster. Soft, moist, gooey. Just kidding. I didn't really touch it. But oh, the temptation was strong, it was.

It's mid-July. I get sick every year around this time. It's like my body had it scheduled when I was just a toddler. Or maybe it's the crazy cough-and-cold epidemic plaguing our noble lecture hall. 

I suppose it is kind of requisite for us medical students to fall ill every now and then. That way, we become more and more acquainted with the sick body. I've always liked crocodiles. I think we ought to have a crocodile sanctuary here in Manila. Like a really famous sanctuary that would pull the tourists in. They're starting international flights from Iloilo Airport by October. Cough. Sniff. I feel so random. Ugh.

We have our first pharmacology exam on Monday. I better get started.

 Highest score ever in Temple Run. What a loosah.

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