Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday, Oh Kind Sir!

I know this is a week late, but Pharma, and not procrastination, is to blame.

I find it hilarious, as do many others - in fact, virtually everyone who knows - that at your age, you still find the energy to wake up at 4-ish in the morning and jog around the subdivision before the crack of dawn. People my age can't even wake up early enough to get to class on time.

I think you have the most powerful knuckles your side of the age spectrum. Though you may hardly notice it, we cousins always exert a certain amount of control over your hand as we draw it to our foreheads for the requisite mano. You once quasi-punched me, do you know that? And that ring on your finger almost broke through my skin.

You walk like mad. You can actually "out-walk" almost all the girls in class. And you can "out-speak" those people as well, no doubt. Heck, you can "out-speak" everyone in the family (maybe except your eldest daughter, whose speech we've always compared to a buzzing bee). 

People say you're one of the kindest persons they've ever known, as if kindness were something that develops over time. I suppose they've met thousands of people in their lives to be able to say that.

I don't know - I've always thought you're innately kind, loving, everything superlatively good. But maybe that's just a grandson being biased.    

Happy 85th birthday to the best maternal grandfather in the world!


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