Friday, July 16, 2010

The Second Jarby Anniversary

Happy 2nd birthday, The World According to Jarby! Sorry the greeting’s late by a day. Blame the net connection.

It’s All About the Free Sundae – when Jarby celebrates a fake birthday at Gumbo’s in order to have their free sundae and satisfy a craving.

The Referent Theory of Talking – when Jarby applies what he’s learned in Philosophy I and tries to explain some people's principles on conversation.

Diliman – when Jarby has a day of firsts, the highlights being his first ride on the LRT and his first walking tour of UP Diliman, when he accompanies three other classmates to visit their high school classmates.

Walt Disney films in the UP curriculum – when Jarby puts a crazy idea (and they are countless in his mind) to writing: Disney films as part of the University’s curriculum with exams about the films – UP style; this, being a result of his mapping out the family tree of Simba out of boredom.

Walt Disney films in the UP curriculum II – when Jarby transforms a beloved Disney film into an exam, as a continuation of his imaginary curriculum.

That Blasted Bird – when Jarby gets attacked by what he suspects to be a mutated sparrow while walking along Padre Faura street – or maybe he was just imagining things?

The Queen – when Jarby writes a descriptive essay as a requirement for Lady G’s class, about a cat that is in real life, Lady G herself.

Dreams and Pastures – when Jarby writes about how the Filipino youth can help build a globally competent nation, an essay that won him 2nd place in the Palanca Awards Kabataan Essay English category that year.

ananlyzing a patch of dreamy pasture – when Jarby does just that: analyze a patch of grass.

Wrapping Up – when Jarby summarizes almost an entire month’s worth of travails, including a trip to Clark, a meet-up with an old friend, and sharing a bed with Dengue.

how i finished my term paper body – when Jarby gives credit to Typhoon Ondoy for giving him time to finish his research paper for Lady G ahead of the deadline.

remembering tagaytay… but it’s not dead – when Jarby bulletizes Intarmed 2016’s History 5 field trip in Tagaytay and its neighbors.

Gorilla – when Jarby remembers a particularly brainless incident involving him, an ape, and a black butterfly.

Cruising in Midtown – when Jarby takes a leak at a restroom in Robinsons Midtown, only to discover that wild things happen there.

Just something – when Jarby discovers something about someone somewhere and gets the shock of his life.

Christmas Day – when Jarby creates a collage of thoughts for the holiday.

The Definition of Instinct – when Jarby writes down his thoughts on the riot that has been going on in Intarmed 2016’s Social Science I class under Vitz.

Waking Life – when Jarby publishes a writing assignment on a film they watched in Philosophy I under Tius.

Addicted – when Jarby writes about a former drug addict who dropped by for a talk during an NSTP class the previous semester.

The Blind Side – when Jarby patronizes two films that he watched on his own and mesmerized him, sort of.

V-Day – when Jarby rants about the one film that somehow defined Valentine’s Day for the year.

A Song About Painting – when Jarby waxes poetic on the case of the ‘doctors to the barrios’ and wins a prize in the process.

Postcard from Hellmonth – when Jarby emits a postful of thoughts amidst the hustle and bustle of the heaviest and final month of Intarmed Year Level I life.

Your Island – when Jarby is inspired by Kevin Jer David’s story about the deaf frog in the hole.

I’d Like to See Your Face – when Jarby expresses his rage over his most disastrous exam in any Math subject in UP.

You’re a Little Bit Racist – and I’m a Little Bit, too – when Jarby finds love in Avenue Q.

To Zurich, with Love – when Jarby brings out the poet in him for a trip to Switzerland.

She made my day. – when Jarby meets a check-in counter attendant bursting with corporate sunshine at NAIA 2.

Four Poems – when Jarby publishes four pieces of poetry that had previously been published in high school.

Something – when Jarby fills up space while making something else.

June – when Jarby welcomes himself back to the blogosphere.

Retrospection – when Jarby does just that: retrospection.

Children of Change – when Jarby publishes his failed entry to this year’s Palanca Awards. No Peninsula this September 1, then.

Our Piece of Earth – when Jarby, as a high school senior, pretends to be an eighty-something survivor of the Second World War.

Flies and Freedom – when Jarby laments the sad case of journalists in this guilt-ridden country.

Movie Mania – when Jarby laments the horror of trash that is SATC 2 and explores the cases of recently seen movies.

Fish – when Jarby shares with the entire animal park-hating Filipino community his thoughts on Manila Ocean Park: That the place is cooler than they think. Went there with the Madi, the Clam, the Wowie, and the Theia.

A Little Fall of Rain – when Jarby finally accepts the fact that the rainy season has arrived – and that slippers are never good for school.

religious at ten forty-four – when Jarby drops a line while studying for the Histo exam where he surprisingly scored 94% or a 1.3.

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