Friday, July 16, 2010

I should be studying for the OrgChem exam tomorrow, but instead came up with this.

Net connection is finally back. After three freaking days. I’d like to describe those days with more, shall we say, deplorable adjectives, but I’d be too lazy to clean up the stains they’d leave behind.

I’m issuing a Fatwah here. For the ignorant-when-it-comes-to-Islamic-terminology, a fatwah is an official announcement by an imam, proclaiming the Muslim community’s stand on a certain issue. It’s something like a statement, like GMA with her ‘I am Sorry’ televised speech. Only that she had the first three words and the entire country had a billion more afterwards to condemn her.

But we should move on now. The woman’s no longer in the Palace. New administration, people. New guy in the house. Semi-bald guy in the house. I wonder if they’re going to paint the Palace yellow.

Anyway, going back to fatwah. So you may as hell be wondering why I’m going Islamic all of a sudden. And you guessed it right: It’s one of the few darn items that I missed in the History exam last Mundee. Sir Esguerra’s hint went like this: There was this fatwah after the 9/11 attacks. So I answered demon. As in the supposed face of Satan in those pictures of the smoke billowing from the WTC. Maybe in a past life, I was an imam. I really believe I was an imam.

By the way, thank you to the iffing storm that jumped out from behind last Tuesday. Really nice trick you pulled on me back there. You waited for me to board the jeepney, then peed on Manila on my way home, and finally vomitted a skyful of rain at me as I got off the jeepney. Really wonderful experience walking on swollen Dasmarinas street, by the way. The water was just lovely.

Thanks to the blackout too. I really appreciate it. Go to storm-hell.

P.S. Imed 2016 is raising funds for this year’s LadyMed like wolves on the hunt, and I like the fun. Oh yeah.

P.S. ‘Eclipse’ is waaaaay better than ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’. It’s got some cool fight/chase scenes… but still crappy. The whole saga is.

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