Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Butuan V: The House

Three months late, but here is the fifth and final installment of the Butuan series. You may recall that in September, blockmates and I flew to Butuan for some much needed rest and recreation important field work in Hospital Management I & II. T, he of cuddly build, turned out to be a descendant of the ruling families of said city, and so easily found us a place to stay.

We had a dog. I was the dog's only friend. Everybody else just seemed to acknowledge its presence at the most.

This is how you get to the house - through an unpaved side street (because, duh, you don't decorate these streets with cement or asphalt).

You arrive at the compound. Said dog's just behind the gate.

You enter a gate. If you are seven feet tall and weigh three hundred pounds, good luck.

To the right, a door, like magic. Behold, the unassuming facade (pronounced /fa-KEYD/).

Up the staircase, because staircases are all the rage nowadays.

Welcome to our living room.

We also had a terrace with furniture designed to look like they're imported from a farm. We also had a teddy bear, in case anyone felt lonely at night.

The dining table and kitchen, two highly controversial places with material rich enough for Pinoy Big Brother.

On a fine Sunday afternoon, we watched "Here Comes the Bride," one of my favorite Filipino comedies. Some of you might know that Angelica Panganiban in that film served as my inspiration for LadyMed 2011 a.k.a. that time I taped my dick to my thigh shaved my legs.

Down a corridor and through a door is the place for hanging clothes. 

The bathroom - again, site of lotsa magical happenings. Ask the girls.

Up close and personal. Notice the toiletries.

At night, the living room became this.

The men's bedroom, where only few of the men slept in.

The men's pile of stuff, without turquoise or lapis or cerulean.

The women's pile of stuff, a sight that would give Miranda Priestly a heart attack.

We played spirit of the glass. Not. C, in flesh shirt (left), is currently training for Mr. World 2014.

Introducing Nick (not the one brushing her teeth, nor the one in that provocative pose). Nick likes to sleep.

On our last night, we went to T's uncle's house for a grand dinner. This strong non-Ilonggo woman slaughtered a roasted pig.

T also showed off his skills at pigslaughter.

The pig died.

The girls just couldn't resist the staircase. I told you: Staircases are all the rage nowadays.

Finally, a farewell photo. Now back to my chestnuts roasting on our open fire.

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