Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Evening Nerd Talk

 Identify the layers visible and body part origin.

You know how they say that we get what we deserve? I believe that now. It happens to be true most of the time. I'm talking academic performances here, so don't start on the stinking state of this nation.

They released the results of our exams in dermatology and the upper extremities today. I got 83/100 in the dermatology written exam and 98% in the orals (I love Thailand!). Our overall highest in the entire derma exam is 91.75%, and she's one of my bestest friends in school. I got 89.61%, which places me in the top 20 of the class or something. I'm just speculating here.

Anatomy was so much not-kinder. After years of clamor and hundreds, probably thousands, of failing grades, the department's finally decided to lower the passing mark from 70% to 60%. Our highest, codenamed 'Colgate" (like the toothpaste), got 119/140. I got 103, which places me at 43rd in class, or to be more exact (since there were many of us who got the same grade), the upper one-third. If you're wondering what my codename is, it's derived from something found in this post.

This was fun. Goodbye.  

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