Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The 30-Day Musical Theater Song Challenge, Part 5

I came across this challenge on Facebook and thought I'd give it a try. By now, it should be no secret that I'm an avid fan of musical theater, which is not the case for many people in this country (and it's easy to understand why). If you're a Broadway junkie like myself, then my 'repertoire' is yours to sample. Otherwise, you're in for some 'new' music to... add to your playlist, perhaps?

Note: The instructions say to post this on your 'Wall', one song per day, but since we're in Blogger, I'm having it my way.

A song by your favorite musical composer.

"SO MANY PEOPLE" from Saturday Night
a concert cover by Laura Benanti 

First of all, pardon the video if the audiovisuals aren't that good; it's my first creation using Windows Movie Maker - and dear Lord, did the entire process of extracting that clip give me one heck of a headache. But I guess the headache's worth it, for here, in a clip that Youtube does not have or refuses to hand over to me, is Tony winner Laura Benanti in one of the best numbers of the night during Stephen Sondheim's 80th Birthday Concert more than a year ago.

It took nearly a half-century before Saturday Night, probably one of Sondheim's least known creations, made it to the West End, and Broadway's yet to get a taste of it. In this musical, however, is what I deem to be Sondheim's most beautiful (love) song - in fact, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever encountered. It's something I'd really like to hear at a or my wedding. Laura Benanti, in just concert form, is dazzlingly romantic here.

My favorite lyrics: So many people in the world/ and what can they do?/ They'll never know love/ like my love for you/.../ And if they tell us/ it's a thing we'll outgrow/ they're jealous as they could be/ that with so many people in the world/ you love me. 

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