Friday, October 9, 2009

how i finished my term paper body

It’s true: Tita Glo finally had her Katrina, but with a name that stinks by a mile.

It’s probably the first time (unless I’m wrong) that an entire week’s worth of classes got suspended. All because of environmental disequilibrium. To say that the victims are countless is worse than an understatement. Numbers don’t mean anything in such a disaster anymore; it’s inefficiency that does.

Much has been said about the recent supertyphoon, so why don’t we talk about the no-classes side of the issue then?

When I first heard the news that classes for Monday (Sept 28) had been suspended, I was all joyful kid. A few hours later, Tuesday got cancelled as well. And since we had a field trip to Tagaytay scheduled on that Wednesday, that spelled three beautiful classroom-less days. The best part was, I finally had time to work on the body of my term paper, as well as the reaction paper, for Comm II!

Then, we thought CHED had finally lost it: Classes suspended until October 3 (Saturday).

Success became disaster. How in the world were we, the ultimate braniacs of the country's ultimate braniac university, going to survive an entire week without sitting inside a classroom, basking in the thrill of quizzes and long tests?!

The worst part was, it meant that sembreak would no longer be on the 14th. If the school sticks to the original schedule, then the break will fall exactly a week after, on the 21st. (Update: That's now the case.)

I guess the only consolation that that weird week brought was my actually finishing the body and conclusion of my term paper, as well as the reaction paper. And now that sembreak has officially been moved, it just means more time for the paper… or better yet, more free time after finishing the paper.

Beyond the cumulonimbus clouds, there lies the yellow star of our solar system.

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