Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cruising in Midtown

October 10 – Saturday. I watched my very first musical, Spring Awakening, at the RCBC Plaza in Makati.

How was I supposed to know that the following Monday, I was to have my own spring awakening right in the very heart of Manila? No… wait, that doesn’t sound right, does it? Let’s put it another way: I had my own awakening to... the hidden wonders of Manila, if you get my drift.

Before you proceed, let me warn you that the following entry contains elements not suitable for immature audiences. Pornography included.

So it was Thea’s birthday, and she treated us to five giant pizzas and five giant bowls of pasta at Brooklyn Pizza in Rob Ermita (Pedro Gil Wing). We ate. Then, it was time to leave. And no, this isn’t the big story yet (as if something pornographic would have occurred between pizza and us).

I had decided to let the Larry pick me up, since riding the jeepney would have cost me eons of me-and-my-term-paper time. Therefore, with the Larry still being miles away, I decided to take a little walk around Midtown.

I arrived at the 4th floor. And decided to take a leak at the… where else? In one of the best CRs in Rob Ermita – the ones at 4th floor Midtown. Of course, there was no ‘tanananan’ music to warn me not to enter the place.

I entered the CR, which by the way, is located at the end of a narrow hallway that diverges from the smaller Midtown atrium (just pretend to be geographically acquainted with the place).

There was no one there.

I entered the second to the last cubicle.

Then, a clinking sound. A rapid clinking sound.

I looked up. Nothing. I looked down. Something.

Now the CR is tiled, and the tiles are so shiny and clean, they might as well have been floor mirrors. Because the tiles on my cubicle reflected not only what was in my cubicle, but in the ones beside me as well.

And there, I saw… (explicit content deleted by author).

Simply put, two guys.

And they were… moving. A hand was (explicit content deleted by author), and the hand wore a wristwatch, and the watch was also shaking, thus, the clinking sound.

So it dawned upon me that the 4th floor Midtown CR, usually empty, is actually a ‘cruising place’. And the cruising lives happily ever after.

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