Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's All About the Free Sundae

I celebrated my birthday again last night.

Of course, my birthday is already a good two months past. So why the celebration?

You’ve heard of Gumbo’s, no? Not so famous outside of Manila. Anyway, it’s this French Quarter restaurant where they make a big fuss over your birthday by giving you a free candle-topped sundae while crowning you with some fancy masquerade hat, while the restaurant crew serenade you with some fancy birthday chant. But first, someone has to ‘let slip’ to the manager or any of the personnel that it’s your birthday; otherwise, who'd care?

That's what we did. Dear auntie told our server that it's my "birthday" – and the server took it seriously (as if he had a choice).

At dinner's end – GABOOSH!!! – out came the crew, with a fuzzy hat with red plumage and fancy artwork and glitter and whatever, and of course, a free sundae. And I had to blow the candle, too, and smile and pretend to enjoy everything as if it really were my birthday.

Spell crazy.

Moral of the story: If ever you happen to eat at Gumbo’s and are craving for sundae, tell them that exactly how many years ago, on this very day, your mother’s vagina expanded to an elephantine size and spewed you out.

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