Tuesday, July 7, 2009

90 points

I just had my first real taste of a Math 17 DepEx.

In other words, what on earth were those quizzes and buddy stuff and whatever-elses for? Because, hell yeah, I don’t think they were light years more difficult (nor in anyway more difficult) than the one exam that we’d just gobbled up at RH.

Weren’t we told that the exam would be one notch lower than what we’d been trained to hurdle in the classroom? Um, well don’t ask me, I don’t know. How the hell should an estuarine crocodile survive in the Ross Sea?

Fluffy the Bitch gave birth to a pup this Sunday(?) It’s half-black, half-white, which is, to paraphrase, simply adorable.

My head is not in its proper state right now. I’m all dazed (if it isn’t too obvious). It’s like everything inside my brain’s turned into improper fractions that can still be simplified to become integers or worse, ones or zeros.

Hello??? I’m not thinking properly right now. My mind’s all boogy.

I’ll come back when I’m in a sane-enough circumstance already.

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