Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pasherpa-ers: The Seaside Attack

I’m trying something twisty here. Note the structure. This weird idea was inspired by a similar set of writings in the blog of one of the contacts of someone’s Multiply account. Happy figuring the trick out!

The tides rolled in, madly, like a troubled herd of wildebeests, stampeding towards the only stretch of grassland that is the beach, with tiny, occasional pebbles dotting its otherwise dove-gray cape of sand.

Yet the fortress stood strong, fiercely unwavering to the beholder, its turrets soaring to the flaming sky, surrounded by a mighty wall.

However, just like those boastful clowns from the circuses, the castle fell down, grain by grain, with every lash of saltwater. There was then stillness in the air.

All else, though, remained unchanged.

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