Friday, September 23, 2016

My friends are licensed, I'm so damn proud

Next week, my sister and I are off to Taipei for six days, and right now it seems like a good idea to start offering eggs to Santa Clara, because if it rains like shit, that would mean no more Yangmingshan and photo shoot atop Elephant Mountain with Taipei 101 in the background and bicycling at sunset in Danshui and hanging out in Jiufen till evening to see how the whole hillside setting lights up.

Tomorrow, my grandmother celebrates her 81st birthday. Last year, when she turned 80, I came home for less than 24 hours--the day of the party, I was post-duty. Left the hospital at seven, had breakfast with the team, took a bath, headed straight to the airport (good thing Uber makes it possible to sleep soundly on public transportation), arrived in Iloilo around noon, went to the party in the evening, then took the first flight out in the morning and I was back in the hospital for pre-duty by eight.

Two days ago, the PLE results came out, and all of my friends who took the exam passed, and I was so damn proud, it sure felt like a sane idea to fly back to Manila and give each of them a hug, and I couldn't even concentrate on writing my review for "Ako Si Josephine." It's an achievement made all the more remarkable when you consider how messed up our lives had been during the last month or so of internship, and how they only had two months (in contrast to the four months all other schools got) to prepare for 12 exams that each had no guarantee of fairness. 

I'm now three hundred pages into Hanya Yanagihara's "A Little Life," and OMFG WHAT IS THIS BOOK IT IS VERY SAD.

Happier times. (c) Vistal.

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