Monday, April 28, 2014

The Extended Summer, Week 2 (Graduation)

A weeklong return to Manila for a special day for Intarmed Class of 2016, plus lots of eating.

Books Abandoned: 1

I couldn't take Kerouac's "On the Road" anymore, could no longer bear to keep up with this traveling lost soul's ramblings, so I just... dropped it.

Interesting Planes Seen: 8

China Airlines A330-300, because I've only seen the A340 and B737 in Manila.

Philippine Airlines A321, simply because.

Cathay Pacific B777-300. Not really a special case, but who can resist these beauties.

Cathay Pacific B777-300ER in OneWorld livery!

China Southern Airlines Embraer E-190LR!

Singapore Airlines A330!

This was soooo weird: Uzbekistan Airways B767-300ER!!!

KLM B777-300ER, or the current sole representative of European carriers in Manila. (I've seen Lufthansa A340-600 and B747, Air France A340, and Swissair MD-11).

Shows Watched: 2

My review of "Games People Play" was in last Saturday's Inquirer (see previous post). That afternoon, went with fellow theater loyalist Tricia Isada to see Atlantis Productions' "Ghost the Musical" at the RCBC Theater; my review will be in the coming Saturday's paper. Also, "Games" will have its sixth run at the PETA Theater this August/September, so they said during press night, so do try - really try - to catch it.

The team behind "Games" during the post-show Q&A: (L-R) actors Kalil Almonte, Thea Yrastorza, and Abner Delina Jr.; Ed Lacson Jr., director; Glenn Sevilla Mas, playwright; Teresa Barrozo, sound designer. 

Sunsets Captured: 2

1. Manila Bay, Saturday. Checked out the Aliwan Festival parade along Roxas Boulevard while waiting for Malate Church's 6PM service.

2. Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, Sunday. Because our flight was delayed for an hour.

Mountains Appreciated: 2

Aside from being the best place for plane spotting in the airport, the NAIA Terminal 2 domestic pre-departure area also affords a view of both Mt. Banahaw (left in photo below) and Mt. Makiling on a clear day.

Graduations Attended: 1

Because yes, I finally have an undergraduate degree, even though it's sort of a fake one. After their fifth year (or third year medicine proper), the Intarmeds receive their B.S. Basic Medical Sciences degree to account for the first four years. This year's ceremony - because we get the degree during the UP Manila university graduation - was at the Philippine International Convention Center.

My original IPC group during first year pre-med, minus the newlywed Vince Severino.

Iloilo Team, Sembreak 2012.

Five cum laudes from our class. Guess who?

The guest speaker was Cardinal Tagle. "You're a fake. You're all fake!"

And so it happened that the ceremony felt way too long and boring, and so I had to get out and run into these girls and have this mirror selfie.

This year's student speaker was the summa cum laude from Biochemistry. After his speech came the requisite lightning rally.

BONUS: Father napping in style at the airport.

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