Friday, August 2, 2013

Postscript to That Hong Kong Trip

Warning: This post is full of airplane photos.

It started with me brisk-walking back to our gate for boarding. We were to depart at 9:45; it was 9:25. I was coming from the tip of one of the arms of Chek Lap Kok's massive Y-shaped terminal. When I reached the gate, everyone had boarded except A, who was coming out of the nearby restroom. 

A said, "Have you seen E?" I've been looking for him."

"You mean he's not here?!"

"He said he was going to the duty free section." Which, I remembered, I had passed earlier. It's all the way back to where I'd come from. Shit.

One of the two male gate attendants approached us and asked for our boarding passes. Unlike in the Philippines, they take boarding very seriously here. So we told them we're still missing our companion.   

"Can you please call him? We have to close the gate."

A tried to intervene. "I'm calling him." And to me, A said, "He keeps putting his phone down!"

So I said, "He's not answering his phone, but he's coming already." And that's when the situation got intense. The more flamboyant of the two went berserk.

"Yes, we know he's coming, but where is he?! Where is he coming from? Causeway Bay?!" Young man, as it turned out, was quite familiar with sarcasm. "If we close the gate, are you leaving without him?"

So A and I entered the gate. But I waited around at the edge of the main jetway. They did final call, announcing E's name throughout the terminal. That's when I saw E arrive, fresh from a spectacular run after, he later confided, a rather unwelcome date with the toilet bowl.

1. Air China A321. Air India B777-200LR! Air New Zealand B777-200ER.

2. The north satellite terminal with Malaysia Airlines B737-800. 
3. Garuda Indonesia B737-800.

4. Two Dragonair A330-300s.

5. Indonesia and Malaysia, both B737s.

6. ANA B767-300ER with winglets with the departing Garuda B737. 
7. Air France B777-200ER.

8. Jetway artsy photo.

9. United B767-400ER!!!

10. Take-off! The cargo terminals in the distance.

11. Cathay Pacific A340-300.
12. Air New Zealand B777-200ER.
13. Jet Airways B777-300ER.
14. United in Star Alliance colors B777-200ER.

15. The cargo terminal complex with Emirates B777F visible.

16. United B737-800 for Guam. A320s in the background.

17. Aeroflot B777-300ER!!!

18. Pictures while taxiing: Air France B777 and China Airlines B747-400.
19. United B747-400 and Thai Airways A330-300.
20. KLM Cargo B747-400F.
21. The Air France, again, because you can never get enough of it.  

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