Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Postcards from Fragrant Harbour (3 of 4)

Heaven descended upon us like the Niagara that afternoon in Ocean Park. We bought the fancy plastic raincoats. We headed for the aviary, but the trail had transformed into a pool, so we sought shelter in Whiskers Theater, just in time for the sea lion show. This was when they showed us how they train the sea lions: Teach a trick, let it do the trick, give it a treat. They tried the technique on the poor kid.

The Chinese alligator: second best animal in Ocean Park (after the octopus).

The rain dispersed the hordes of Chinese tourists, sending them scurrying towards their buses. We virtually had the park to ourselves then (that's what it felt like, but feelings can be deceiving). Imagine the rides without the lines! An eagle and the Pacific Pier lighthouse were harbingers of good fortune.

We ate at Maxim's in Hong Kong City Hall on our last day. During the absurd wait (I don't think the place ever runs out of customers), I paid the City Hall theater a visit--well, just the outside of it. Hong Kong Repertory Theater calls this place home, which reminds me of our Repertory Philippines in Onstage Greenbelt 1 (and I wish they'd do "Pippin" next year).

Cosette, Fantine and Eponine sing in Cantonese!

While looking for Hollywood Road, which we ironically had no problem getting to during our first day, the Hong Kong Fringe Club looked inviting (maybe because I was thinking of "Defending the Caveman").

The massive Abercrombie and Fitch in Central. For art lovers, the walls. For everyone else, the model. Half-naked at work, more fun in Hong Kong.

The strangest photo shoot ever, at apm, a mall in Kwun Tong (near what used to be Kai Tak Airport), where most of the outlet stores were closed during Labor Day (surprise!).

Evening shopping in Mongkok! It was like Little Manila there. But the standouts had to be this store full of cats, and sidewalk octopus (fried and breaded). I bet if we just looked hard enough, there'd have been steamed horse dumplings or hammerhead shark ramen as well.

Night views of Hong Kong's four tallest skyscrapers! Clockwise from top left: Bank of China Tower (4th), Two International Finance Center (2nd), International Commerce Center (tallest), and Central Plaza (3rd).

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