Thursday, May 23, 2013

For the 21

I turned 21 three days ago. Guess it means I'm an adult now, but I still don't feel like one, or acting like one, or pretending to act like one.

We had a party at grandma's, like we've done for the past two years - a joint celebration, as I share my birthday with an uncle. Which makes me wonder: How weird is it to celebrate your birthday while your sister's in the labor room shouting her guts out and spewing forth a brand new baby?

I tried getting drunk on Australian wine, but no can do, of course - if there's anything you shouldn't do in front of my family, especially after the brouhaha at grandfather's 85th last year. I did end up in bed for the rest of the night, futilely attempting to plow through the rest of We Need to Talk About Kevin.  

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