Monday, February 11, 2013

Bacopa, Boeing Boeing, and ESU

Outstanding news from the Everglades! My poem, "Forgetfulness: A Series," has been accepted for publication in the 2013 Bacopa Literary Review. It's a literary journal by the Writers Alliance of Gainsville, based in Gainsville, Florida. They publish only one issue per year (last year's featured 43 writers), so I guess that must count for something. Ah, how it is to have one's work displayed side by side these First World names #OA. The journal will be out in April-May, so I'll make a post for the poem by then.  

*     *     *     *     *

Saturday night, the theater club watched Repertory Philippines' production of the Tony Award-winning comedy "Boeing Boeing." When a show is perfect to near-perfect, I don't find the need to write a proper review of it anymore (unless on 'official duties'); a rambling in this blog would suffice. The case with Atlantis' "Avenue Q" and "Next to Normal," and Rep's "Jekyll and Hyde." It has to be said: When it comes to quality, you are more or less assured of a fine show with Rep.

Topper Fabregas (Robert) has to be the best thing in this show. His comic timing and skill for playing awkwardly funny is the reason to watch. Also, the stewardesses' nicely restrained accents. Also, David Bianco (Bernard) finally back onstage after a stellar turn in "Next Fall" a year ago. Also, Carla Dunareanu going wild as Gretchen the German. Also, Baby Barredo in the flesh - first time to see her onstage; this is a very calculated performance with "veteran" written all over it. Also, that scene where Gloria (played by Jennifer Bianco), in her night robe, sneak-flashes Robert. Giannina Ocampo, who plays the unbending Italian Gabriella, is actually our classmate's sister. Hooray for the six degrees of separation.

"It's not impossible." 

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Oscarthon 2013 update: Will Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master top this year's list?

*     *     *     *     *

It has been set: I won't be going to London this summer. 

The 2013 ESU-International Public Speaking Competition Search for the Philippine Representative to London in May was held last Saturday at the UP School of Economics. I finished second. It was a damn good fight, and the most thrilling public speaking competition I've ever had. John Lenard Robles (BS BAA, UP Diliman) won first place, and I wish him the very best in London. 

Someone remarked, when the finals were over and the judges were still deliberating, that I was quite zen and calm about everything. I guess that's an art you learn in med school, maybe? 

My speech and more about the competition in the next post.

The six grand finalists of this year's ESU-Philippines competition. Photo by Sir Wendell Capili (taken from his Facebook page).

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