Saturday, December 29, 2012

57 Hours Before 2013

 Full moon, Dec 28, 2012.

Last night, we were told via Facebook that the research presentation originally scheduled for January 4 has been moved to a later date, owing to a unanimous decision by the group leaders and the activity head. Wow. Just wow. See, this is the kind of disrespect the College of Medicine showers upon its students who come from provinces that require a 10-hour bus ride or a plane ride to get to. Behold, even the best medical school in the country can have f*cked up principles.

I had a mini-French film festival yesterday, with "The Intouchables," France's submission to the foreign language film category of the upcoming Oscars, and "Holy Motors," which the English-language critics have showered with overflowing love. The former is a touching two-man drama involving down-on-his-luck black guy and rich tetraplegic white guy, and how they change each other's lives. The latter, about a man who works as a... performance artist (?), complete with (fake) dick exposure from Denis Lavant, is insane. Ah, you gotta love the French.

Thursday afternoon, I visited grandma. She fed me kiwi and grapes and chiffon cake and a brownie. Also, we ended up watching a TLC show where Americans attempted to make (and lo, they succeeded) a 31-patty burger oozing with commercialized cheese. And another show where they replicated life during 19th-century America. I learned how skimmed milk comes about. 

Wednesday morning, I saw "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." Allow me to shamelessly admit that I sort of welled up in the end. I think I'm gonna watch this again before Christmas break ends.

Christmas Day, we watched "Sossy Problems" - one of two GMA entries to this year's MMFF. What a fun movie. Different narrators for the beginning and the end. Also, as the end credits rolled, we couldn't quite figure out what we'd just watched. The verdict: It's so, so, so terrible, it's funny. Watch this, I dare you, if you have the guts. Just remember, movies like this exist to remind us that there are worse things in life. "Don't panic, it's organic!"  

On Christmas Eve mass, the commentator forgot to ask everyone to rise during the processional, even as the cross was already halfway down the aisle. An excommunication is called for.     

It's late, but still... Merry Christmas!

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