Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ICCHS: The Centennial Celebration

Iloilo Central Commercial High School. ICCHS. Huasiong, as it is popularly referred to by its Hokkien name. Founded February 25, 1912. Now with two campuses: the main campus in downtown Iloilo City, and the newer and larger Ledesco Village campus in La Paz, Iloilo City. The 100th Founding Anniversary, February 25, 2012. A week-long celebration whose highlights included the countdown to the centennial, Feb 24; grand parade, morning of Feb 25, and the alumni homecoming, evening of Feb 25. Photos by Sharmaine Vidal, Herajen Barrido, and Sianne Jaleco.

At the quadrangle, around 11:30PM, Friday, Feb 24, half an hour before the countdown to the centennial. Batch 2009 Honors Section Guava, represent!

The fireworks display - as magnificent as any on a New Year's Eve - heralding February 25, 2012, Iloilo City time. Look at the fireworks/ light up the sky ("Blackout," In the Heights).
 After the grand parade on the morning of Saturday, Feb 25. At the grand ole stage. 

Batch 2009 (at least, the 30+ of us who went), Alumni Homecoming, Saturday Feb 25.

In the Chinese community, when you speak of ICCHS or Huasiong, you are actually speaking of generations of alumni, of people now virtually everywhere in the country and in many parts of the globe. The next three photos (by alumnus Joseph Du) are from the Alumni Homecoming that filled the Ledesco Village campus soccer field and covered court (as seen in the 2nd and 3rd photos) to the brim. And that's only a very tiny fraction of the entire family - no kidding. 


Here's to the next hundred years!

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