Monday, March 15, 2010

Postcard from Hellmonth

It’s the middle of Intarmed LU I hellmonth a.k.a. March of the 2nd semester. So far, things have not been as rocky as expected – not that I want them to be. There are two weeks left before all of this is done, not counting the final exams in Comm III and Math 100 (and possibly, Soc Sci I).

As of tonight, this is what’s left for me: Bio Lec 3rd exam (Wed), Comm Extempo (Thu), Chem Lab formal and oral reports (Thu), Bio Lab 4th exam (Fri), Comm Interview (Sat), Avenue Q (Sat... *grin*), Chem Lab 2nd exam (next Wed), Hum critical paper (next Thu), Math 4th exam (next Thu), Bio Lec 4th exam (next Fri), Chem Lec 4th exam (next Sat).

Let’s make this a fun ride, shall we?

* * *

I’m now into Love Never Dies. I think the music’s pretty good (standouts: Beneath a Moonless Sky, Devil Take the Hindmost, ‘Til I Hear You Sing). The story, though, is another story.

I love Greenday, by the way.

Avenue Q is coming up this Saturday evening. So excited.

* * *

I seriously have a movie backlog. Which is not a good thing. Out of the ten Oscar Best Picture contenders this year, I’ve so far watched only four: Avatar, Inglourious Basterds, The Blind Side, and Up. Not counting all other pictures that are must-watches: war flicks (Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan), comedies (The Hangover, 500 Days of Summer), musicals (Nine, Once), visuals (Alice in Wonderland, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus), dramas (Sophie’s Choice, A Beautiful Mind), foreigns (A Prophet, The Counterfeiters).

Seriously, this is. Not. Good.

* * *

Because of the superiority complex of the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, I will be spending Holy Week here in Manila.

* * *

I firmly believe that Lady Gaga is a blessing to humanity from above. She is the very epitome of standing up for and being proud of being different. And her music rocks, too.

When she dies, mark my words: I will mourn for her.

* * *

The other day, there were less than ten of us in the jeepney. Along Mabini, a vertically challenged woman (dwarfism, I think) joined us. Upon reaching the corner of Kalaw and Orosa, she asked to be dropped off.

Now, you know majority of Filipino drivers: They are idiots. The woman clearly requested to be dropped off by the sidewalk. And what did the driver do? Stop in the middle of the freakin’ road. Which, of course, the woman simply did not find acceptable. So she voiced out her request again, and the driver had no choice but to comply.

The woman got off. We continued the journey.

But what happened after the woman left really pissed me off. The driver and some of the passengers (not all of them male, mind you) started poking fun at the woman and her height. In some sort of self-gratification, the driver spearheaded a ‘let’s make fun of her height’ campaign.

All the time, I felt like I could melt with disgust. It wasn’t so much because of the fact that those backbiting vipers were enjoying all the self-gratification, or the driver trying to regain his pride after having been told by that woman where to stop the car.

It was the fact that people – supposedly cultured, urbanized Filipinos – found it fun to laugh at someone’s physical defect!

Now that’s just pure evil. To laugh at someone because he or she’s not as tall as you? I tell you, it was all simply disgusting. With people like these, how can we expect to have a better country at all? So much for being Filipino.

* * *

Manny Villar should be accused of poverty exploitation. If he’s so proud of having swum in a sea of garbage, why doesn’t he show it to us now?

* * *

“Before I answer your question, I’d first like to comment on…”

Dear, dear, you almost had me laughing.

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